Hi! I'm Janek and I work on TeamStatus.TV


I’m Janek and I don’t think I’m as most of you here because I’m not a technical person at all :smile:

I’m Project Manager in an international company which localize products for the biggest brands in the world. Previously, during my studies I worked on 3 start-up projects but they didn’t work out. I think the problem was my lack of programming skills. I managed to interest potential investors but they saw only the idea. In my opinion it was the main reason why they finally stepped back from the investment.

Fortunately I met @pawelniewie and we started working on [TeamStatus.TV][1]. It was an answer to our biggest pains in our work and we work in two pretty different companies. I work in corporation which thousands of employees around the world and Pawel works in a small company which has only two offices - Poland and Australia. During our work on TeamStutus we created also a very simple but in the same time useful tool - [RemoteStandup][2]

Nice to meet you all! :wink:
[1]: http://teamstatus.tv
[2]: https://remotestandup.com/

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Hi Janek, nice to meet you!

Where are you located?

I’m in Warsaw, Poland

I’m in Gdansk, Poland. So we’re a remote team from the beginning :smile:

Had a look at http://teamstatus.tv, looks neat! Will sign up and try it out.

If I can ask, how are you marketing this? Or do you already have clients who wanted this.

Thanks! Actually we just created a version with first batch of integretions and we are starting marketing the product now. Had some clients talks but we need more development to meet their expectations. That’s why we even started looking for a new team member.