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Hi, I'm Jack Johnson from Pivotal Knowledge


Hi, all -

Coming out of Lurk Mode long enough for a brief introduction…

I’ve been a self-employed IT / Network Consultant & sometime software developer for a bit over 20 years - yes, I’m a literal Graybeard Geek. I used to sell a couple of desktop apps, but they didn’t generate enough profit to justify the time I put into them, so I shut them down.

I’ve been wanting to do another product-oriented business for a while now, but:
a) It seems the best ways to generate new consulting work are to either start working on an app or schedule a vacation…
b) I suffer from both TMIA (Too Many Ideas Affliction) and SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome).

I’m taking a few (OK, too many) steps to jumpstart things, including listening to some new-to-me podcasts such as e.g. bootstrapped, which is how I got here… I see a number of familiar faces from places like the old BOS forum, ASP, Micropreneur Academy, and others, so I’m feeling pretty much at home already.

I’m enjoying the podcast & the forum, and I look forward to many fruitful discussions here!

  • Jack

P.S. I just realized my account / gravatar points to my photography website - among the Too Many Things I do, I’m a landscape / nature photographer… so naturally, I have a couple of photography-related things in my TMIA list… :smiley: