Hi, I'm Ian from Cardiff, UK

Hi everyone - I’m Ian from Cardiff in the UK.

I’m a freelancer at Nifty Digits who has spent the last couple of months working on a payments product called Inlet. It allows you to accept orders through paypal and stripe and provides analytics on where your income is coming from. It’s getting pretty close to being ready for a select few to play with.

I also run a couple of other sites - availability.is - A small, simple availability publisher for freelancers and fairandbare.com - an ethical tshirt shop where designs are sourced from visitors.

Prior to freelancing I worked full time on a stop motion feature film in Bristol for Aardman. I’m considering building an open source pipeline for features if I can make it work. See vimeo.com/39295205 for more on that.

Anyway, hi all - I’ve been stalking the bootstrapped world for some time and it’s about time I got involved. I’m looking forward to learning from everyone here.

Hi Ian. Welcome to the forums!