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Hi, I'm Hwee-Boon and I build iOS apps and services


I’m Hwee-Boon and I have been building iOS apps for the past few years. I’ve changed my approach the last few months, seeing as how the app stores are rapidly changing. Focusing more on services rather than one-off apps. Kind of like SaaS on mobile. Currently building Everyday Journal, a journaling app. Also keen on brewing a web-based SaaS, but it’s still in very early stages.

I’m @hboon on Twitter.

Looking forwarding to sharing and learning from other smart SaaS folks here.


Hi Hwee-Boon. Nice to welcome another mobile dev to the forums.


Hi Andrey! I actually discovered discuss.bootstrapped.fm through browsing Bootstrapped.fm episodes yesterday. Can’t wait to get started on the podcasts :smile:


Hey dude… good to catch up, now we’re no longer geographically close!


Oh yes, Andy. Is your email still @deepcalm? Or write me hboon@motionobj.com