Hi, I'm Gui from London, working on MediaTag.io, a simple organisation app

Hello all,

I’m Gui, based in London. I am working on MediaTag.io, which is an easy and flexible organisation app. It simply allows you to tag things, like webpages, images and files, in order to organise them.

A nice thing is that it is not only useful while you are using the app, but also when you are browsing. It allows for instance to see the webpages you have tagged if there is a link to it. For instance, I’ve tagged several pages from this forum, and here are 2 screenshots with and without the extension:

And since I made my items tagged as ‘bootstrapped’ public, you can see them if you install the extension, or by going here: https://mediatag.io/dashboard/tags/bootstrapped

There are still a lot of things I want to implement, like private sharing, RSS feed import, browser bookmarks importing, an api and a few more things. But I’ve reached the MVP stage I was aiming for, so I’ll try and shift my focus to much more marketing (Fingers crossed I won’t find excuses to keep just coding).

And I’d love to hear feedback from you, if you have any. You can get started for free, but I’m more than happy to offer discounts on the paying plans, so just ask if you’re interested.

Looks interesting. I will test it out and give you some feedback.

I currently use pocket for saving stuff from the web.

Great! Thanks a lot, I’m curious to read your thoughts.

Things MediaTag does differently than Pocket:

  • you can upload files, so it is also good to create and share albums of photos and videos
  • there are private sharing features on the way

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions