Hi, I'm Grégoire

Hello fellow bootstrappers!

I’ve been reading this forum for a few weeks and I love the quality of the discussions!

I’m an entrepreneur and I live in France and Sweden (it depends on the seasons ;))

I currently run a small IT consulting + services company called Hornli. We use those activities to bootstrap the company while we work on our first product: Openslot (we plan to ship the confidential beta in a few weeks).

This is my second “official” company. The first one still exists and is the company behind XiVO (an open source IPBX solution based on Asterisk).

What else?

I’m a former sys/net engineer, I taught myself to code (python + flask). And I love running!

Oh, and I blog here: http://www.entrepreneurloop.com


Welcome, Greg!

Do you run your small IT company remotely?

python + flask = <3 : )

I allowed myself to follow you on twitter.

Have a great rest of your day!

Greetings from Warsaw, Poland.

Hey Gregory!

Yes we mostly operate remotely.
Of course we need to visit our customers from time to time, but we currently don’t have an office.

What are you currently working on?

Currently on http://twistedlogic.com by day and on early stage sideproject (python + django : ) by night.

Hey Gregoire! Good to see you here. :wink:

Welcome Greg! Bienvenue dans ce petit oasis du startup!

Hey @brandonhilkert same for me mate!

Merci @xecretcode :wink: