Hi! I'm Greg, I help scale Heroku-hosted Rails apps


I’m Greg. I and my wife are bootstrapping an online math course for high school students in Poland. Our long-term plan is to offer an online problem set to help students hone their math skills. She works on that full-time, I’m a part-timer.

My current full-time job is head of engineering of a FinTech startup. On the side, I’m working on a solo consulting practice. I spent a few weeks doing customer development (Lean Customer Development by Cindy Alvarez is a must-read for every business). I discovered that small Heroku-hosted Rails companies need help with scaling and performance. This is the business direction that I decided to take as it aligns with my passions and expertise.

I hope I’ll be able to contribute to this community both as a bootstrapper and scaling expert.

Hi Greg. Welcome to the forums.

Hi Greg,

Do you have a website for your consulting offer?

I run a small Heroku hosted Saas and I’d like to make a bookmark for your services. Found your Twitter but no URL there either.

@pjc, yes, I do have a website. The link is in my profile (I can’t post links as a new user). It’s still work-in-progress. I’ve already set up a biweekly scaling and performance newsletter but the page lacks a CTA. I’m wondering what’s your SaaS? I couldn’t find a URL in your profile. Also, I mailed you privately.

Hey Greg - I love the scaling heroku rails apps niche! Sounds like something you will do great with.

I actually was looking at heroku a bit the other day - have a buddy that swears by it. I run a php app though so that probably wouldn’t be something you’d be interested in?

@kalenjordan, for now, I prefer to focus on Heroku + Rails. It’ll allow me to deliver greater results to my clients by accumulating more of relevant experience + automating common tasks. However, I’d love to contribute to this community, so if there’s anything I could help you with just create a forum post. I’ll do my best to help.

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Cool makes sense. Best of luck! Are you on Twitter btw?

Thanks a lot. Yup, my Twitter is https://twitter.com/gregnavis.