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Hi, I'm Germán Arduino, from Arduino Software



I’m Germán Arduino, founder of Arduino Software, an IT Consulting firm in Argentina. Even when I work also as consultant, hosting provider, security consultant and custom developer, I want to boost the sales of my current products and, if possible, develop new ones.

My current main packaged product is a password manager, named PasswordsPro and I’m spending time in learn about marketing and ways to boost the sales, and it is the main reason I’m here from today, for learn from all of you :slight_smile:

I like the lifestyle programming (as Andy Brice described in Successfulsoftware dot net) and this is my job goal and where I’m putting my efforts currently.

At last, sorry because my English is far of be perfect, is not my native language, but I try my best :slight_smile:



Welcome Germán! Don’t worry about your English… it’s always going to be better than 99% of this groups Spanish!


Haha, you’re spot on there.


Thanks for your kind words Mike!


Thanks by your words also Ian!


Yes, and welcome! Forgot that part :slight_smile:


Welcome Germán! I have a similar goal and also do consulting. Good luck with your endeavors. I’ll be following your progress.


Thanks you!! I hope all of us have a progress in our respective business!