Hi I'm Eliot and I make screencasts for web developers

It’s nice to meet you! I’m Eliot Sykes and I make screencasts to help web developers keep their expertise up-to-date at Web Dev Break.

I’ve been happy with how the videos have been received so far, and the viewer numbers are growing at a healthy rate. I’m not making money from the screencasts—I expect to figure out how to make a living from this in the next few months— that might be authoring a book, offering a pro subscription, in-person training, or something else. Right now I’m concentrating on being patient and trying to make good screencasts.

If you’re a web developer who enjoys learning from screencasts, I’d love for you to check out the videos and let me know how they can be improved. If you know something you wish more developers knew about that could be covered in a future episode please get in touch with your idea.

You can subscribe to the screencasts in iTunes or to the podcast feed (subscribe links on home page).

I just watched your Console tips video and thought it was pretty good. I recommend adding a Twitter sharing button below the video. As a consumer, I like to share useful links with my peers and that share button saves a few clicks.

As a bootstrapper, I try to learn from other people in the same space as me. Not sure if you are familiar with https://sub.watchmecode.net/, but it’s a paid site for web developers. Derick actually talks about his experience regularly on http://entreprogrammers.com/ podcast that I really enjoy. You might get a few more ideas from there perhaps.

Hi Latish, thanks for watching the console tips video and the advice about the sharing button. Yep, I’ve been listening to Entreprogrammers too and what a fantastic podcast it is! For anyone reading that’s not heard of it yet, it’s the weekly mastermind group of three developers, Josh Earl, John Sonmez, and Derick Bailey, who provide training to other software developers through videos, courses, writing and how they’re turning their work into viable businesses. It’s full of great information for programmers who want to take their career in that direction.