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Hi, I'm Edmundo, boostrapper in the making



My name is Edmundo, I’m a bolivian doing a PhD (in Computer Science) in Switzerland right now and I want to start my own business directly after finishing my PhD.

My motivation: I just don’t want to work in the corporate world, neither in Switzerland nor in Bolivia, but I would like to move to my home country after my PhD.

For the moment, I’m looking for a problem to solve. Ideally, I will solve it by creating either a mobile or web application (or even better: A mobile web application!). Depends on the problem and the needs of my (future) target audience. I’ve done 3 informal interviews with people in different niches and I’m starting to see some common patterns, but nothing concrete yet.

To document my journey and also to learn some content marketing skills I’m starting a blog at phdsolopreneur.com if you are interested (I’m trying to do it seriously, so I’m even planning a “launch” for my blog on October 30th [1]) .

The goal of my blog and also this introduction is to get in touch with entrepreneurs more or less in my same stage of the entrepreneurial journey. It is really hard to find other entrepreneurs who are starting, Google will only find the big names, so if you’re starting, please send me a message. Maybe we can share experiences.

That’s all. It was nice finding this community,

Best regards,

Edmundo López B.

[1] The only thing I launch normally are apps, so this will be something completely new. Trying to do my best.


Welcome, Edmundo!