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Hi, I'm Dennis from Gurock Software


Hi all,

I’m Dennis Gurock and I’m one of the founders of Gurock Software. I started the company together with with my brother Tobias in 2004 and we also participated on the original BoS forum back then. I really love the idea of a similar forum for modern bootstrapped companies and look forward to participate here.

Our flagship product TestRail is a web-based test management tool. We are really proud that it has become one of the major tools in our space over the last few years.

We are currently preparing to move the company to Berlin where we will open our new office next month and we are really excited about growing the company. I can be found on Twitter under @dgurock.


So excited to have you here! Say hi to Tobias for me :smile:


You guys should do a short video series on opening up the new office. Just a hand-held camera and a few minutes of video here and there. I’d definitely enjoy watching that process. I think others may also.


Not sure if you heard this episode, but Andrey would also love if you setup a permanent web cam in the office so he can just watch you do office like things.


That’s just creepy.

And, yes.


Creepy indeed. :smile: Interesting idea regarding the video, I need to think about that.


Back in '07, there was something similar done by a group of guys starting a game development company. Gamespot gave them a camera and let them film 10 “episodes” of their adventures. It was very amateur, but that’s what made it so great. I made sure to download all ten episodes; I rewatch them every now and then.

You can still find the first episode here, more can be found from that page.