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Hi, I'm Dennis Field from Frettie


Hi! I’m Dennis Field and I am currently building a community for Songwriters with my parter Julie Field called Frettie! Frettie allows Songwriters to connect and collaborate with other Songwriters on their music as they create it.

Frettie is our first bootstrapped product and before this we focussed on designing websites/Apps for others, so we are looking to connect and get advice as we continue to build Frettie.

As with many things, I found Bootstraped.fm while chatting with @andyjohnson and @ryanbattles about their cool app for Freelancers called Harpoon.

I look forward to connecting with everyone!


Great to see you here @dennisfield!


Dude, Frettie is awesome man. It gets better every time I visit.

Btw, I know you and J are going to take over San Fran


Pat, Thanks! Glad you are keeping an eye on Frettie! I have been working on a V1.1 of it the last few weekends. Feedback from users has been really positive. SF is going to be sawwwweeeeett!