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Hi, I'm David and I'm building a photo proofing application


Hi, my name is David, and I’m currently building a photo proofing application for wedding photographers. I’ve had several failed apps on the past, including a tutor management/scheduling application, and a directory site for wedding videographers. I’ve learned a bit from each failure, though, and am off to a better start this time. I’ve got the core of the product in a prototype state, so I’m taking this week to get the marketing site up and running.

I am looking forward to interacting with and learning from some of the more experience business owners on this forum!


Hi David! Welcome to the forums.


Hey David, welcome! Are there places for us to learn more about your past apps? Learning from each other’s mistakes is probably one of the more useful aspects of these forums :smile:


@JaapRood, you’ve inspired me to write a blog post about my failed apps. Was a good experience to reflect on them, so thanks for pushing me to do that.