Hi, I'm Dave from San Diego

I’ve done a few startups, as well as my own businesses in the past, and am now working on a new SaaS business UserMentor

I’ve had quite a few ups and downs in the venture-funded startup world, but have had better luck running my own bootstrapped businesses, and ultimately sold my previous SaaS business last year (that was exciting, but a real learning expereince).

I took some time off and have been consulting for the past year, but now am starting to ramp up again on the new product.

Looking forward to connecting with you all and helping out if I can.


Welcome Dave - re: selling your last business - have you written up your experiences anywhere? Would be an interesting read I think.

I haven’t really written about the sale before, but I guess I could do that here :slight_smile: Would it make sense to just post a longish item here, or is there a better category somewhere?

Here, in the main Discussions thread or on your own site if you have a blog makes no difference I think (this site isn’t massively categorised, most things go in Discussions).

Really enjoed patio11’s post about selling his (little) SaaS app and would love to read your experiences.

Welcome, Dave! I’m super interested in your UserMentor service, as I have a plugin that is in desperate need of better user-onboarding. Do you anticipate being able to use your service within Wordpress?

Either way, glad to have you around!

Thanks Shane!

Yes, I expect that would work, assuming the WP plugin can insert a Javascript snippet into the host site footer. Interesting use case for sure.

Cool, working on a writeup of the sale, will post somewhere and link from here (or post here).

For anyone waiting on my writeup of the sale of my SaaS app, here’s a link to my blog. Will also post in the main discussions area as suggested.