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Hi, I'm Dave from AWPCP and Business Directory Plugin


Hi everyone,

My name is Dave and I’m the owner of two WordPress plugins (http://awpcp.com and http://businessdirectoryplugin.com), an eBook (http://howtobuyawebsite.org), and working on a new SaaS business (to be announced at MicroConf 2014 :)).

I live in Denver, CO with my wife and 3 kids. They’re my reason for becoming a bootstrapper so I can live the lifestyle I want without bosses, commutes, bureaucracy or HR. I still do software consulting, but my goal is to phase that out once business #3 kicks in.

I’ve been a bootstrapper for about 4 and half years since joining the Micropreneur Academy back in the day. This forum looks like my kind of people to hang out with. :smile: Looking forward to the discussions, learning and contributing!



Hi Dave. Welcome to the forums!