Hi, I'm Cosmin from BatchPhoto.com

Bootstrapping since 2003 when I’ve launched my first product (as a student) which was a learning experience. Moved on to my second product in 2005 (BatchPhoto) which brings a pozitive cash-flow even today.

In 2013 I’ve diversified my business into mobile apps (iOS) with little success.

I’m glad to see here people I know from the ASP and some very interesting discussions!


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Welcome to the forum, Cosmin!

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Welcome. And congrats on making money (you’re in rare company!)

On suggestion, in looking @ your landing page:
The benefit is really buried.
It would be very interesting to A/B test a version with the benefit more prominent and even as a graphic or video.

(Excellent job on the Call To Action button being very prominent. Nice buttons BTW!)


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Thanks. This is my only revenue source so I have to… also I was never employed.

Yeah, A/B testing my site pages is something I’m postponing for years. I always trust my intuition, although I know I should’t!

I’m proud of my buttons since they are my design :slight_smile: Unfortunately they belong to the now obsolete skeuomorphic design age.