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Hi, I'm Christopher from cja.org.uk


I was on the JoS forums years ago as cja. Read Patrick McKenzie since his first BCC blog post etc. Prevaricated while he prospered.

Indeed, my entire history of online software “selling” is contained in this thread: http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?joel.3.341388.12

My aim is to “make money on the Internet”, to free myself from 9-5, from a salary unrelated to performance and from having to live near a particular company (my employer).

My plan is to try as many of my ideas as possible rather than wondering if they’re any good. There is enough bricks and glue on the Internet to make a lot of things quickly so my success should be limited only by imagination and time. Right?

I’ve Bootstrap’d a quick page (www.cja.org.uk) so I have something to sell (myself) until I have made something worthwhile.

It’s nice to see that Ian L and Andrey B are still going years after the JoS forums closed.


Hey, welcome aboard. I’m not as keen on the try everything approach as others, but it does seem to work for people so good luck! Hopefully you find some useful info here.