Hi I'm Chris and I run Bonito


I have been running www.stuidobonito.co.uk for the past four years. We have bootstrapped a number of apps which we no longer sell ourselves. The first was Happie Feedback and the second In-Touch an NFC tool for advertisers.

We all have a big heart for the community and cannot wait to be involved in more of these conversations!


Welcome! There’s a typo in that link but I found ya: http://www.studiobonito.co.uk

Great to see some mobile connectivity stuff here. An earlier bootstrapped project of mine was QR & NFC -enabled signage for visual art. I decided to shift my focus elsewhere before I really gave it a chance, but this is definitely an interesting time for that sort of thing.

haha that’ll teach me to post from a train! Thank you for letting me know.

NFC is an interesting topic but until iphone integrate the tech it seemed difficult for many to get there heads around. Don’t think we want to more forward with NFC now.

We are building a small annotation app for responsive sites which is exciting.

Yeah, iPhone really drives that market – here in the US at least – much of the current discussion in the events/conferences tech industry is around iBeacons (though there are some interesting QR-based systems out there).