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Hi, I'm Chick. And I'm a webaholic. Oh, and Founder of WebWizards Network


WebWizards® Network is a unified system of Internet service associates across America offering personalized ground support, private/public classes and web presence services from WebWizards® branded brick n’ mortar retail locations, mobile support vehicles and authorized resellers. The business model is the first of its kind in the Internet industry. http://www.webwizardsnetwork.com


Hey - I think I remember you from the MCB days?


MCB? Not sure I know what that is. But your name does look familiar.


Oops - actually I did some type of Expression Engine work for you in 2008. Had to search my email to confirm. I remember names, especially names like “Chick Ciccarelli” :slight_smile:


Ahhhhhhhhhh…expression engine. Love-hate relationship with that application. Thanks. i thought your name looked familiar. Small world.


Hi Chick! I definitely remember you! :slight_smile:


Hi yuniar! Appnitro…and Machform (the world’s best online form tool). Hey, what’s up?


BTW…I’ve been trying to have a programmer change one of my forms to accept 50% deposits but he’s failing miserably.