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Hi, I'm Cem Hurturk from Sendloop


Hi Everyone,

My name is Cem Hurturk and I’m the co-founder of Sendloop.

Sendloop is an easy-to-use email marketing service designed for SaaS owners, application developers and small to medium sized e-commerce sites.

Sendloop helps you to increase retention and engagement of your users by sending them very targeted emails.

Basically, it saves your time and development resources implementing “event driven” messages such as trial period message schedule, slipping away user re-engagement emails, getting started emails, etc.

I believe Sendloop and its smart event-driven messaging feature “Sendloop Engage” is a key solution for SaaS owners and helps them to keep their users engaged and active.

I’m excited to be a part of this highly active community and looking forward to get enrolled in discussions.


Hi Cem, great to have you on the board!