Hi, I'm Carlos from Quaderno.io

Hi everybody! I am Carlos Hernandez, founder of Quaderno.io.

I bootstrapped my first startup in 2010. Over the last 4 years we’ve grown to 4 people with no external funds. Now I’m starting a new and passionate adventure with Quaderno.io, an invoicing application for Stripe.

Quaderno.io automatically sends an invoice to you customer every time you make a charge on Stripe. That’s all! No code. No VAT handling. No pain :wink:

I live between Berlin and Las Palmas (Canary Islands). I’m an Internet guy, who loves tea, travelling, and the digital-nomad life.

I hope I can help others in the group learn from my experiences and at the same time learn from others’ experiences.

Cheers, Carlos


Sounds very useful.

May I ask though, why only Stripe? How about Fastspring? Other payment processors?

I.e. why do you limit your solution? Is invoicing so different between payment processors?

No, invoicing is the same, but I decided to start with Stripe because their API is awesome and very easy to use.
I have plans to integrate more payment gateways in the future. Let’s see if people is interested in a solution like this.

@polimorfico I’m looking at https://stripe.com/docs/integrations - you’re on it but you don’t mention VAT at all. I’d get that changed if I were you, there are only 3x hits for “VAT” on that page and you are not one of them.

You’re right! Thanks for warning Ewen!!

Hi @polimorfico, how are things going now? Still 4 people in team?

Pretty well, thanks!! We’re now five people and growing :slight_smile: