Hi, I'm Borja, co-founder of Spatial Manager

Hi everyone,

I’m one of the founders of Spatial Manager (http://www.spatialmanager.com).

Spatial Manager is a set of applications to view and transform spatial information in different environments.

We started to develop Spatial Manager five years ago and selling them two years ago. Our sales channels are internet (direct sales), and a reseller network that we are currently developing.

My main interested area is about software marketing.


Hi @Borja, glad to meet you. Have the product become profitable for you in the recent 2 years with sales?
Does the SEO (google) help you for marketing? What are sources of visitors for your web site? Do you know how the people who have purchased came to your web site? (is there way to track them)?

Also, is it easy to work with resellers, is it better than direct sales?