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HI I'm Bob Walsh from 47hats


Hi all,

Nice to meet you - you look great today! :grinning: I do a number of things that might find interesting:

  1. I’m a consultant. Specifically, developing content marketing strategies that actually work for startups so you gain your first 100 customers. Very specifically, I practice/preach HubSpot’s pillar page/topic methodology as a way of understanding what content you need and why you need it - and can help you create that specific content.
  2. I’m a startup founder. DevShortcuts helps developers learn the hundreds of keyboard commands, command syntax and other nuts and bolts of being a real developer. Launching in January 2019.
  3. I’m a writer. Back in the day I wrote two books for technical people who wanted to launch self-funded startups: The Web Startup Success Guide (http://www.amazon.com/Web-Startup-Success-Guide/dp/1430219858) is still relevant which is pretty amazing.
  4. I’m a developer. For the past 30 years I’ve build software in a variety of technologies. Nowadays I focus on Rails backend/Vue frontend projects.

Connect with me here or drop me a line at bob.walsh@47hats.com if you like.



Hey Bob. Hat tip. Was listening to your podcast with Patrick Foley years ago, helped me a lot when I was just starting.


Hi Bob,

Nice to meet you too!

I was reading your book “Micro ISV” earlier in the year, and I found it still relevant and has helped make a difference to my business. Strangely enough, it also indirectly led me to joining this group!


I remember the podcast as well. Whatever happened to it?


Like a lot of podcasts done for love rather than money, it got to be something Pat and I just were not enjoying doing anymore. it still lives on in part at the Startup Success Podcast (http://startupsuccesspodcast.com/).


Hello there. New to this forum too.