Hi, I'm Bernhard. Started and finished some internet biz

Hello everybody!

I feel glad to have found this place. A place where more and also less experienced people support each other.

In the past I made some money with a book price comparison engine and since the sale I tried a few different biz ideas. The development of them is the part I love and the customer acquisition is the one I avoid. Not good for revenues.

About 10 years I spend the summer in my hometown Düsseldorf, Germany and the winter I followed the sun to South America, South Africa, and Spain. Now I have a wonderful dog and long distance flights are no real option.

Right now I finished (alpha) a service which uses WhatsApp in a innovative way: As a platform for a service. The service transcribes business card photos send to a WhatsApp number.

Check it out … your feedback is appreciated: http://www.tippsy.biz

Let us have a good time and I wish you all a bright future for our professional and personal life.


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Now there is a english version also available http://www.Tippsy.biz/en … Enjoy :smile: