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Hi, I'm Ben Curtis from Honeybadger.io


Hey everybody! It’s a pleasure to have a forum that hails back to the glory days of Business of Software!

I’m a co-founder of Honeybadger.io, a SaaS for Ruby developers to monitor the errors in and performance of their Rails and Sinatra applications. Previous to that I founded (and I continue to run) RailsKits, where Rails developers can buy ready-made Rails code to jump-start their projects, and Catch the Best, a tool for small businesses and startups to manage their hiring.

I’m looking forward to some great conversations. :slight_smile:


Great to see that some of the companies we rely on are here!


Hi Ben! So happy to have you here.


Hey Ben! Was great getting to hang some at BaconBiz. Hope all is well, and looking forward to continuing the bootstrapped adventure here on the forums.


Hey Ben, We meet at Microconf this year; I still love the company name. Too bad I’m a python guy. :smile:


:+1: Everytime I open up discuss and see “Honeybadger” it makes me smile!


Thanks Ian, and thanks for hosting the forum!


Hey Andy, it’s great to see you again. :slight_smile:


It’s not too late, Scott. :wink:


You just made my day :slight_smile: