Hi, I'm Beau Simensen

Hi everyone!

I’m somewhat new to the podcast and someone suggested I come here to ask some questions related to marketing and bootstrapping related questions.

I have a startup in Seattle called REFLX Labs which is creating a wearable product called Boogio. I spend about half my time on that and half of my time trying to build out my consulting business Dragonfly Development.

I’m pretty active in the open source community, especially PHP. I created a static site generator called Sculpin.

That’s it for now. :smile:

Hi Beau. Welcome to the forums.

Hi Andrey! Thanks. :slight_smile: I’m either most of the way through or all the way through of my first episode of your podcast. I think I’m at least one behind current now? :smile:

I’m relatively new to podcasts but have just started one myself: That Podcast. I’m looking forward to getting more involved in your community. :slight_smile: