Hi, I'm Avdi from RubyTapas.com

I found this forum through a really circuitous random google search connection, and then discovered there are people I know here!

So, Hi. I’m Avdi. I’m a programmer who now makes videos about programming for a living. And sometimes ebooks.

Much as I’ve managed to make a success out of this business, I recently had the realization that I really need the ability to compare notes with other people doing similar stuff. And it seems like there are some other people who do similar stuff here.

I feel like I’m sort of a “raised by wolves” boostrapper. On the one hand I’m a success story, but on the other I have no idea what I’m doing. I definitely out of touch with the “lingo” for this kind of business. E.g. I saw a post where someone hit 1,000 MRR (congrats!) and I had no idea what an MRR was. Turns out I have them too!

Anyway, happy to answer questions, but even happier to learn from other folks. Hi!

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Welcome Avdi! You’re successful indeed, I know who you are (and heard about RubyTapas) from being in the Rails world. Amazing that you didn’t know what MRR was, great focus on execution :+1:

Hello Avdi!

Despite my Java leanings (boo, hiss etc.), I’ve enjoyed reading your tweets and blog posts for a few years now, so I very much look forward to hearing about the business side of what you do.