Hi, I'm Anthony Eden, Founder of DNSimple

Hello, all! I am Anthony Eden, founder of DNSimple.

For those who don’t know us, DNSimple was founded in 2010 with the goal of making domain registration and DNS management simple and hassle-free, without resorting to egregious upselling tactics. Over the last 4 years we’ve grown to 5 people with 100% or greater YoY growth. This year we hit 10,000 customers and we continue to grow, all without taking any investment money.

I hope I can help others in the group learn from my experiences and at the same time learn from others who are taking their business beyond the 7-figure yearly revenue level.


Dude, I LOVE your service. I recommend it to anyone looking for a simple solution. Since I am also building up a CMS, I’m going to be recommending your service for any of my clients that don’t have things set up yet. :smile:


Welcome Anthony. I know a few people using DNSimple and they speak very highly of the service. Congrats on 10k customers – wow!

Welcome Anthony. Nice to see you finally show up. :smile:

You sir, are an Internet scholar and a gentleman.

Thank you for DNSimple, it makes my work life better.

Everyone, give this man’s company your business.

Yeah, I’m a bit slow. :wink:

Thank you, sir, that is the kind of recommendation I love to hear! :blush:

Here another happy customer of your service. Kudos :smile:

Welcome Anthony, I’m glad we have you here! :smile:

Hi Anthony! Welcome!

Pardon my ignorance - first time hearing about DNSimple. What is the use case? I have a few domains setup on AWS/Namecheap and it’s free/works. What are your customers doing that they need an API to bulk create/modify DNS entries?

Welcome! I just signed up for DNSimple, but haven’t switched over yet. Looking forward to working with you though.

Also, congrats on building what looks like a great product and company.


Some of our customers come to us because they’re looking for a better domain registrar, one with a nice UI, a simple registration process and no upselling.

Some of our customers come to us to help solve a specific DNS problem that we solve well, such as ALIAS records for mapping a zone apex to a host name (where a CNAME cannot be used).

Some customers come to us because they know we take care of our customers with quick and helpful support from a team that actually knows domains and DNS and cares about the success of each and every customer.

Some customers come to us because we offer a comprehensive API which provides access to almost every feature that is available through the UI, as you suggested. Most of them either manage a large number of domains or they have automated systems for deploying new servers and they want to hook up the DNS via API calls.

I’m sure there are other reasons, but those are a few.