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Hi, I'm Andy Johnson from HarpoonApp.com


Howdy! I’m Andy Johnson and I’m currently working on a product called Harpoon with my business partner Ryan Battles. Harpoon is a financial planning and metrics app aimed at freelancers.

For the past several years I’ve worked as a successful design consultant under the name of Shaping the Page. And although I’ve dabbled in several of my own small products to supplement my consulting income, Harpoon is my first serious attempt at a billion dollar, bootstrapped SaaS app. :slight_smile:

I attended BaconBiz this year and see a lot of familiar faces here. Looking forward to learning from all of you, and hoping to contribute back as much as I can!

P.S. Ryan and I also run a meetup called Bootstrap & Beer. So if you’re ever near Columbus, OH stop on by!


Ah, awesome. I need to swing buy Columbus sometime.


Whoohoooo! Welcome Andy. :smile:


Hey Andy! Bootstrap & Beer is a great meet up. I met so many interesting people running a private self-funded startup.

@andyjohnson, speaking of Ryan, when is he going to jump on here?


@patpohler I’ll never tell Ryan about this forum. It’ll only distract him from doing the backend work for Harpoon. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I’m showing this to him as I type. I’m sure he’ll jump in at some point.


Hey everyone! Too bad, I found this page thanks to my Google alert for the keyword “Beer”. No worries though, I’ll still keep on plugging away at developing Harpoon. This Laravel framework is the bees knees, and I have fun working with it (thanks to my Thursday morning Coffee & Code with @patpohler).


Great to have you Ryan. Indeed, Laravel is sweet. You should see the crazy stuff we’re doing with it!