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Hi, I'm Andy Brice from successfulsoftware.net


Hi started my bootstrapping/microisv journey back in 2005 with http://www.perfecttableplan.com/. I don’t have any employees and I like it that way. PerfectTablePlan is still doing great and paying the bills 8.5 years later.

Other stuff:

  • I blog at www.successfulsoftware.net
  • I do occasional consulting for other small software companies (mostly marketing) when time allows
  • I am a moderator on the BOS forum
  • I have some other side projects that might develop into new products one day (one is a game for the iPad, the other a B2B SAAS app)
  • I will be speaking at MicroConf Europe in October
  • I am running a weekend training course for people who want to (or are at any early stage of) bootstrapping their own software business in the UK in November

I know @ian and @andrey from when we were all on the BOS forum in 2005. It is great to see that they have created such a vibrant community here.


Welcome to the forums Andy. I’m sure your experience will add greatly to the discussion on here. Glad to have you!


Hey Andy, good to see you join, looks like most of the old BoS forum members found a new home here. :smile:


“We’re putting the band back together.” The Blues Brothers