Hi I'm Andrew, aspiring developer

Hi guys and gals. I’m Andrew, currently a 2nd year college student and developer-in-development residing in California.

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Hi there Andrew! Welcome to the forums. What type of development are you most interested in? Mobile, Back-end, Front-end, undecided?

Right now I’m trying to experience all three. I have been working on a rails project recently, and have plans to start dabbling in iOS after.

Best of luck, Andrew, and welcome!

Hi Andrew, are you looking to get a full-time job as a developer at a company, freelance or (:godmode:) dive right into your first product?

Hi Najafali, right now I’m just developing my own stuff, but I do see myself at a full-time job if this doesn’t pan out in the future.

That sounds like a good strategy. Just in case (and I’m not saying you’re going to need it) I put together a little something for brand spanking new developers looking for their first gig. Hopefully you’ll pick up a useful pointer or two from it:


Best of luck!