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Hi, I'm Alex. I run Jitbit.com


Hey everyone, I’m Alex, I run a bootstrapped company at http://www.jitbit.com

Can’t beleive I just discovered this place. Great job Ian & Andrew!


Welcome Alex! Yeah, can’t believe this place exists either!

Andrew? Who is Andrew? Ah, Andrey – yeah, he’s one of the gurus around here!

JitBit looks like a great company! Are you competing in Ian’s space? Great job!



Yeah, we’re actually friends with Ian, people keep making fun of us at conferences. Like, “what? you’re having a beer with your competitor, wtf?!” :smile:


Yeah, we swap some notes. Have to stay ahead of the evil Zendesk empire :slight_smile:


I didn’t know about jitbit…now i do!


Hey Alex @jitbit nice to see you here. I had checked out your site a while ago. Didn’t you have a standalone Knowledge Base solution available at some point?


Yep, we did, but the sales were pretty low so we have shut it down