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Hi, I'm Alex from purefractalsolutions.com


I’m a micro ISV software developer, mainly specialized in development miscellaneous software for Windows (W2K-W7)


Hi Alex. Welcome to the forums!


Thanks, Andrey!

I have a question. I have posted the announce about my software, but it was deleted without any notification about the reason why. Can you help me?


Hi Alex. That post read a bit spammy, and the forum system picked it up as spam. Usually, intros are about the person, rather than a PR spec shet about the features of the app. When you get a chance to restructure the intro a bit, please post it again. :smile:


That post was posted after this small intro message, and I was tagged it as “Show & Tell”, so I thought that the rules of this community have been met ;(


I dug the post back out for you. :smile:


Many thanks to you :wink: