Hi, I'm Adrian from Soundslice

Hey everybody, I just found out about this community via a current Hacker News thread, and I’m really excited about it. As a few other people have said, this is something sorely needed, so it’s great to see it exists!

I’m a web developer in Chicago building Soundslice with my partner PJ Macklin. Soundslice is “animated sheet music” – guitar tablature that’s synced with audio/video and made interactive. Example: http://www.soundslice.com/tabs/14/

We’re just over a year old and are proudly bootstrapped!

Looking forward to participating in the discussions here.

Hi Adrian. Welcome to the forums!

Hey Adrian, just discovered this fantastic community as well via HN link. Just wanted to say that as a long time consumer of online tabs I think soundslice is FANTASTIC! I’ve followed you on Twitter for a while as a member of the Django community and when you first posted SoundSlice I was blown away. I really hope you guys stick with it and SoundSlice becomes to ultimate-guitar what stackoverflow became to expertsexchange. It definitely has that potential in my opinion.

Looking forward to some good discussions here with you and the rest of the community.

Thanks very much! I love your analogy to Stack Overflow and expertsexchange. Totally going to steal that. :slight_smile:

Hi Adrian,

Just saw your post, welcome! Been a big fan for however long it’s been, a decade? Welcome aboard! The product looks amazing, I’m always fascinated by music oriented apps.

Hi Adrian,

Really enjoyed your XOXO fest talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fmU1ZXNov8 .

Very entertaining getting started story