Hi I'm Adam without a product

Hello all,
Like I said in my profile I would describe my self as a useless floundering would-be bootstrapper crippled by indecision and self doubt. Hopefully this forum will help me thrash out some stupid ideas and hopefully clear my head. Who knows it may be a place to make some public commitments to getting some things done.

Anyway I love the podcast and that in itself is enough reason to sign up.


Welcome… look forward to watching the birthing of “something”!

Welcome Adam! I spent 3 years planning and half building things before sticking with HelpSpot. Totally normal, you’ll get there!

Hi, Adam, you remind me of myself. For the last 5+ years, I have started probably 10-15 projects that were never finished and never saw the light of day. I get excited about ideas and then lose interest after awhile or lose confidence in the ability to make the idea profitable. If anyone figures out the secret to getting past these types of doubts\fears, let me know!

@ian & @imsickofmaps thanks for the welcome. Hopefully I’ll make some progress soon :slight_smile: @benjaminkohl yep, you nailed it. I reckon I should make some public commitments and see if that helps move things along!