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Hi, I'm Aaron Francis from getmantis.com


Hey there.

My name is Aaron Francis and I’m building my first product at getmantis.com, while my brother is focused on selling it. We’ve recently launched and have a few beta customers in there using it on a full time basis. I’ve been building it for ~8 months.

I went to my first conference this year (MicroConf) and quickly followed that up with BaconBizConf because MicroConf was so valuable. I can’t wait to meet some more bootstrappers and learn from yall!

Other places to find me:
supplied.io a little side project in my mantis downtime :wink:


Hi Aaron. Welcome!

I regret missing MicroConf this year, and now I’m starting to regret missing BaconBiz; people are saying it was fun.

Good luck with your product. It would be awesome if you post, at some point, how the whole “you make it, your brother sells it” team up is working out.


Yeah… that’s a whole series of posts.

We’re getting there though.


I was at BaconBiz, sorry I missed you. Thanks for sharing. Like the niche concept!


Seems like a really cool product.

As a dev battling also jumping into sales, I can really value the fact that you have someone out there selling for you.