Hi, I'm a bootstrapper originally from London

Hi all,

I’m a bootstrapper from London. I’ve already almost bootstrapped a business with a £20k loan from a friend, which then went on to become a seven-figure business. We made some very popular, even famous, lifestyle apps on the store. Now however, various people involved have gone there separate ways, in large part to differing values and importantly we struggled to translate that revenue into profit via over reliance on commercial partners. Learnt a helluva lot though and am now moving around the world doing the digital nomad thing.

Now, I’m looking to go again. I want to build a lifestyle technology based business ideally with another person who has similar values. My major strengths are corporate strategy, product and development. My holes are in operations and marketing, and perhaps customer development. Keen to find someone who fills those roles to work with. Location I’m easy on. Remote or somewhere with a great quality of life.

In the meantime, I’m looking for remote contract work for product management/iOS development roles to keep the wolf from the door, so if you know any good remote agencies I should sign up with, I’d really appreciate the connection!

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