Hi I’m Ward and we’re trying to help developers (and others) have a more balanced life

Hi all - we’re bootstrapping an app that uses neuroacoustic tech (audio tracks with brainwave entrainment technology) to ease getting into “flow” at work and getting back into life when off work. We have a MVP and we’re offering the service for free while we suss out the market.

Our mother company is essentially a mom and pop business in the spiritually-aware consumer space - selling CDs and digital downloads to an informed and receptive audience. But we think certain professionals - sw developers, writers, designers, analysts and even sales folks could all use these mind hacks to achieve better productivity and ultimately a more balanced life. For this B2B offering, we’ve chosen a streaming subscription model with offline abilities via a mobile app (right now - also a MVP product).

Our MVP is here: www.iawakepro.com. And we’d love for you to check it out, try the tech if interested and tell us what you think. Everything is free at the moment (we’re still in price discovery) so go ahead and sign up if you like (I’d like that!) Any thoughts or criticisms you have about the service, our nascent marketing copy or site UX is really welcome.


Hi Ward,

Thanks for sharing. It looks like an interesting offering and I may sign up soon. One thing that I felt was missing on your page was a sample preview. I read with great interest about the binaural beat frequency on your technology page. It sounds interesting, but also a little “out there” coming from someone who hasn’t heard about it. So my thought was “I’ve got my headphones on, I’d like to try it out and hear what it sounds like”. However, at that point, I haven’t quite yet decided to sign up - I just want a taste to see what I hear/experience, however it looks like I have to sign up to access any audio. If there is any sort of “wow factor” to your audio, I would suggest making a sample accessible without sign-up.

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Hi kohanz - thanks for the input.

Yep - we’ve discussed having a sample or two so folks could get a quick “fix.” I’m bouncing back and forth between making it easy to experience a taste of the tech and asking the user “commit” a bit (by signing up) to try the tech. Experience and research shows that one needs to listen to the tracks for at least 15 minutes or so before effects are felt (often there’s no quick “wow factor.”) Maybe I’m wrong but I thought free tracks wouldn’t attract folks patient enough to listen all the way through a track. ‘Course, with the right education/explanation - maybe they would.

Thanks for your observation - I know it’s important to get folks to try the tech - and perhaps right now it may be too “hard” to get ‘em started.

Thanks for the the response, Ward. I agree that it’s unlikely to sell me as a user on the benefits of the audio with a short listen. My angle for wanting a quick listen was more that after reading the technology page, it made it sound like a new or experimental technology (I’m sure it’s well-established, but for the lay-person such as myself, this is how it appeared). Before I sign up for putting this stuff in my earbuds, I just want to make sure it sounds pleasant. Lots of thoughts were going off in my head like: “Maybe this is one of those things like the ‘Magic Eye’ puzzle where it works great for 80% of people, but for the other 20% it sounds terrible”. I know that doesn’t sound rational, but I’m recounting what basically went through my head when searching for a sample. Hope this helps.