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Hi, I’m Charles. I went through 2 accelerators and I’m working on new products


Hey guys, my name is Charles and I live in Vancouver, Canada. On Twitter, I’m @charleshanCOM.

I studied computer engineering at the University of British Columbia and right after graduation, I co-founded Orosim, virtual training for healthcare professionals. About three months in, we were accepted to e@UBC Accelerator Program and after another three months, we got into Boost VC, biggest accelerator for blockchain and VR (Yes, it’s in Silicon Valley).

(Fast forward two years)
I wish I could be sharing how my company is now a unicorn but that’s not my story. Long story short, it is dead (Man it hurts saying this).

I love making products so I’m going to continue my journey with a new approach. I’ll be launching multiple products in the upcoming weeks and share my experience along the way.

Currently, I’m working on Sketchcase (Whiteboard sticker for laptop lids) and UserMap (I’d love to see everyone on Bootstrapped.fm on a map).

Looking forward to connecting with everyone!


Hi Charles,

Curious since your Whiteboard sticker project is based something physical - how do you do the inventory/shipping?
Are you using a dropshipping partner or do you own your inventory?



Thanks Holger! Inventory and shipping are all done in-house. Manufacturing (I buy the roll and cut it to custom sizes), packaging, and shipping using ShipStation + Canada Post + USPS.

I had a pretty good start but I’m having trouble continuing to reach out to potential customers. My next step will be reaching out to resellers/retail.


Oh wow, there seems to have been quite a “Hacker News moment” in January, right?

I think it is good that you are doing everything yourself at this stage, that keeps costs low and your operation lean and mean.


What a great idea! I instantly like it.
Also smart to segment to mac users, as this keeps your production easier (but excludes me).

Have you tried outsourcing the production to someone with an automatic cutter?

Regarding reaching out to retail: Before that I’d look into trademark / protection and then try to sell a license to a bigger producer.


I assume the sticker must have a hole made in the center, or other people in the coffee shop won’t see that the owner has an Apple laptop. That would be simply unacceptable. :wink:


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