Hi, I’m Axel and I'm building a Stripe analytics dashboard

Hi, my name is Axel Bouaziz,

I’m a former engineer now involved into product design.
My partner Michaël Gallego and I run Maestrooo, a tiny studio which offers expertise in Zend Framework 2 development, design and front-end development.

We have been working with small startups as well as big companies and it taught us a lot :smiley:

But we always wanted to build our own products. So we started this year, with a quite simple idea : a tool which provides detailed analytics for any SaaS business using Stripe.

It’s not already available, we just started thinking about it 2 weeks ago.

If I can help you anyway, don’t hesitate to ask, you can reach me on Twitter, by email (axel@maestrooo.com) or via Skype (axel.bouaziz)

Cheers !

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Hi Axel,
I just noticed your post, so I’m a bit late here, but welcome to the forum. I’m working on SaaS Stripe analytics tool too: http://www.virtualfinancialofficer.io

And another bootstrapper launched http://www.baremetrics.io just a month(?) ago.


Hey Jaana,

No problem being late. I know you by SaaS Compass, it’s great.
Your new product looks very interesting ! Maybe we can chat a bit more by email about it, if you want.

I know Baremetrics, since its latest update, he makes some really good work, but there’s still some elements missing in our opinion.

Hey Axel, did you end up building it?

Not Axel, but if they did, you should find it here: https://stripe.com/works-with/categories/analytics

Virtualfinancialofficer ended up becoming FirstOfficer :slight_smile:

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We ended up building one in Excel. It’s free to download on our website. Also listed on the Stripe directory.