Hi, I am Vitaly and I am newbie

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my English. My name is Vitaly and I am newbie in software promotion.
I am creator and founder of a good service: http://mybestdiscountdeals.com - free service to find discount on Amazon. It’s really great and very useful service for regular user, it helps save theirs money during online shopping on Amazon. But unfortunately I didn’t have experience in marketing and promotion such services.
I will be really appreciate if somebody can write a review of my service, send me a feedback and may be give me some advices how can I promote my service.

Thanks in advance,

You design skills … have room for improvement. :slight_smile:

I believe if you simply replace your own design with the stock Bootstrap it will look way better.

How you’re going to make money?

May be instead of promoting the service itself, build a discounter online shop where you sell all those items, buying them behind the wall from the Amazon? (Not sure it is a legitimate business though).

The design seems fine to me – nice & simple.

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Black and white, large stock icons – reminds me of Word-produced print documents.

Even the action button is grey (GREY!). Not yellow, not orange, but a colour of being disabled.

Font size is miniscule and makes me strain my eyes.

Sub headers are not focused on benefits, but just on boring description. Instead of “Amazon Discount Finder” why not use “Buy with the Greatest Discount!” ? In fact, that or something like that should be the H1 header.

P.S. BTW, using the bended arrow over the name may not be liked by Amazon. It is kind of a recognizable design element.

Agree with this. Especially since he is competing with http://camelcamelcamel.com/, who rank in the top for the keyword “amazon compare prices”.

The Camel website isn’t that slick to begin with (too many things stuffed on one page) but they must be getting enough people to reach the top of Google . To compete with them, you have to do something better, and design seems as good a place to start as any.

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First of all I want to say thanks a lot to every one who provided me a feedback or just saw the project

We can discussing design for a long period of time. On the first stage of the project I would like to be focused on only two points:

  1. Get experience to build some SaaS startup and promote it
  2. Check this idea and business model

After that I will thinking about conversion rate and another KPI. Will do A/B testing and choose more attractive design.

I would like to ask a pretty simple questions:

  1. Will you be a client of such service? If Yes - great, If no - could you please describe why? May be you can ask your wife and friends who often buy smth on Amazon
  2. What features should I do to do this service more powerful and useful for clients? (except design)


Actually, next time I buy something on Amazon, I would start search with this service and then compare the results with Amazon’s ones. If I get the better and less expensive results on this service, and it is repeated a few times, I’d make it my entry point into Amazon domain.

But not if I have to pay a monthly subscription. My buying habits are irregular.

Per-purchase fee – may be, but how you’re going to charge me for that? As soon as I found the item, I just open it directly in the Amazon and buy it.

Since the only extra feature it brings over the Amazon itself is the maximum discount, it makes sense to create an alert and email when an item within the given price range is found.

May be of interest: Amazon cancels all affiliate accounts for price trackers:

Hm, Interesting news. But there is no any official information. Why Camel, Trackor, Keepa still working? May be they just did smth and Amazon banned them. There is limit for request per day, it’s depend on your traffic. May be they had a big product database for checking but traffic was small.

By the way, my service is not a amazon price tracker - it’s more simple than tracker.