Hi, I am tomi, 19yr old founder of roomlify.com (Zoopla for student accomodation)

Hi everyone, My name is Hassan and i am a 19yr old entrepreneur and design lead at roomlify.com . We are building a platform to connect landlords with incoming college freshmen to find apartment with a roommate based on their preferences which enables both parties to rent large and expensive apartments by splitting the bill.

Students will be able to find roommates that matches their preference to share apartment bill together with and rent large and expensive apartments. The current apartment rate in Europe for students is around 700-900 which is expensive.

We started working on this platform because we saw the need ourselves and we are almost close to our public launch and we hope to get your feedback and support by sharing the platform to your networks.

Your feedback and criticism are welcome :smile:


This is a great idea. Check out the international union of property owners . It is the largest landlords association in Europe. You should already have access to students and this can help you with finding landlords for your application .

The lettings industry esp the student accommodation sector is very active in UK. With online forums[1] monthly conferences and all that stuff. So if you can go to one of these conferences or market your product in UK by other means I bet you can get plenty of landlords willing to sign up for this.

  1. Poperty118 and landlord referencing come to mind but there are many others.

Thanks mate, really appreciate :smile:

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