Hi I am Matt and I am bootstrapping DockDB

Hi My name is Matt, I come from a small city in Ireland.
I just graduated a few days ago from my college :slight_smile:
I have been working on this product while I was in my final semester.

The product I am bootstrapping is DockDB. It’s an easy to run PhpMyAdmin.

Use Case:
To see if your newly coded signup form worked and may be to tweak the data a little here and there.

Our primary idea is to be a light weight tool for developers/hackers.

I would really appreciate if I could get any feedback :slight_smile:

My friend made this, https://github.com/bobthecow/genghis, maybe he never tried to charge so it didn’t make money, but for whatever reason it looks like he doesn’t currently work on it. Does phpmyadmin make money?

hmm… navicat sponsors phpmyadmin and sells https://www.navicat.com/store/navicat-for-mysql for 20,100,260.