Hi, I am Alexander and I want to allow everyone to have a voice in there community no matter race or color

Since the early days in my life, I have been extremely passionate about technology and
It’s impact on the world. I have been a developer for 3 years now and have worked for an online publishing firm for the last year.
I got bit by the entrepreneur bug last year and decided to focus on startup that has to do with publishing but can also change the world. I realized that a lot of social media companies don’t really allow you to express yourself in 140 characters. You’re left with wanting more, this is where fantastic comes in. In a few simple words here is what fantastic is.
TryFantastic.com is the publishing platform that aims to make it easier than ever for people to write and discover original quality stories on topics they care about. (Fully express your voice)”
Feel free to email me with questions or just to say hi
Alexander Batista

Hey man, welcome! Nice landing page. One initial thought I had was that I wasn’t really sure what the lead paragraph meant:

The only social blogging platform where you don't have to be silent.

I might not be your target audience though so that might be why I don’t get it :smile: Best of luck on the project!!

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Hi Alexander, I think you’ll find it hard to get people to sign up, if their friends aren’t already using Fantastic. Also, what exactly will you do that lets me fully express myself? How will you make your platform different from Facebook or Ello or G+?

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yea I think I can explain that better. What I am trying to say is that this application allows you to express yourself using a full blown custom made blogging editor and 140 characters. compared to most social sites that only use 140 characters(twitter, facebook )

the platform is different from facebook because It allows me to have better tools like a blogging engine and a profile page to express myself compared to facebook just allowing you to express yourself in 140 characters

how does this sound as a better heading…
No one can have a voice with 140 characters. Our social blogging platform gives you the tools to truly Express Yourself. Your audience deserves that, so don’t limit yourself sign up now!

hopefully that explains things better in the first few seconds of visiting the site

So it’s a blog, not twitter. How is it different from all the other blogging platforms? Is “express yourself” a common problem? How are you going to help me express myself? To me, that’s not coming through.

well the difference is that we separate our blogging platform like tumblr from your profile page like facebook this makes it easier for you too interact with your audience because you have 2 means of communicating your message across…

so I have redesigned the landing page to hopefully express my message better please check it out tryfantastic.com/

Good on you for taking on a difficult problem. Just out of interest - what’s the business model?

(Before going on, full disclosure: I’m a grumpy old man well before my time, and I can’t be bothered with the narcissistic self-promotion that passes for much of online society.)

My two cents on the problem: there’s no lack of opportunity to express oneself. Sure, there’s a 140 character limit on Twitter, but people more than make up for that with the number of tweets. Or, I can use a blog as well as twitter.

So I can definitely express myself. There’s no problem to be solved there.

I think you’ve put your finger on it in your third paragraph. I want to “interact [my community] on a more personal level”. To my mind, this conflicts with unrestricted self-expression.

As volume of expression increases, interaction necessarily decreases. Everyone has less time to read and consider other views, much less offer considered, personal responses.

In short: maybe what we need is a social network where you do have to be silent. Perhaps in the enforced silence, we might find something that’s more like a personal community.

You can’t solve a problem that does not exist!