Hi all, I'm looking to get my SaaS startup on it's feet

Hi all, I’m new to this community, so please let me know if I’m infringing any rules.

I’ve started building my SaaS startup, Cloud Campaign, looking to beta launch mid-June. The first day I launched the landing page, I had great feedback and I’ve gained around 30 subscribers, but soon after traffic and interest has dwindled and it’s been fairly stagnant.

Is this just part of the startup rollercoaster? Do I need to focus on a more compelling landing page? Or do you think people are waiting for an actual product to be launched before they sign up?

To give some background, Cloud Campaign is a platform for SMBs to automate their social media marketing by engaging users when they’re already engaged in some real life event, whether that be social trends, news, or weather. Think IFTTT for social media.

Sorry for the barrage of questions! Any insight or opinions are greatly appreciated :raised_hands:

Thanks in advance!

For a little more context, I’m a solo founder and I’m trying to bootstrap Cloud Campaign at this point. I’ve talked to some people in the marketing space and most think it’s a good idea and a few people have requested to try it once it launches, but there hasn’t been an overwhelming amount of interest.

It’s normal… it’s a long ride. The most important thing is persistence, especially in a market like yours where there is competition already.

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