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Hi all, I'm Dave Collins from SoftwarePromotions


Hi all.

I’m Dave Collins, and have been working in the software industry since 1997. We do Google AdWords management, SEO, online marketing and a little bit of (eugh) social media.

Some other bits and pieces about me:

  • I like to share good useful information. It’s good for business, good for the soul and (I admit) good for the ego.
  • I speak at a fair number of conferences and events. I’m always terrified beyond belief before going onto the stage.
  • I’m speaking at MicroConf in Prague in a few days time. Getting scared already…
  • I really enjoy SEO lately. It’s getting harder but also a lot more interesting I think.
  • I used to feel the same way about Google AdWords, but now let someone else in our company take care of that.
  • I really hate the word awesome.
  • I love meerkats.
  • I wish I hadn’t started this list.

I look forward to getting to know some of you in here.

If you’re at MicroConf, please be gentle to me.

  • I hate the word massive.
  • Meerkats are wicked.
  • Also looking forward to the conference. See you there!


We have much in common. See you in Prague!


Another “BoS” forum refugee? :smile:

See you at MicroConf.


Yes and yes :slight_smile:

See you at MicroConf.