Hi All, Bootstrapping with a Co-Founder : DevOpsTrawler

Hi Everyone,
Im Edwin and I have been trying to build something for several years now.

First attempt was the “build the perfect software in stealth” while learning about startups. Shelved it after 2 yrs of building it , never launched … not really sure why.
It was a Build/Deployment engine similar to TeamCity/TFS/Jenkins/ but SaaS like AppVeyor, i started building it 7 yrs ago and after seeing the market evolve i see now that it was viable … ah well.

Second attempt was Build management/Continuous Integration as a service. I thought that the concierge model like Jason Cohen (WP Engine) or Dan Norris (WP Curve) with the monthly fee for managing your X would be a great fit for Build/CI/CD. I didnt really understand how to market it and who was my perfect customer as i didnt really know about customer development etc.
Always learning and hopefully getting closer to building something great.

Latest attempt along the lines of “Infrastructure as Code” Puppet/Chef but with a windows management and application deployment view on the “How”.
i started a slow burn awhile back got some interest in a shitty open source version via youtube.
just recently Ifound a Co-Founder purely by chance , a great senior dev i was working with got interested in what i was doing and asked to become part of it. 8 weeks ago we atrted part time we rewrote it into a commercial offering Beta and we have 2 beta users in commercial companies that are eager to use it and help make it great.

I am really glad to have found this site and hoping that more bootstrappers to talk to can help me and/or i can help with what i have learnt.