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Hi, accountant John here


Hey guys,

Glad to find y’all (thanks to @dev_gar, btw hope the wine event is going well tonight!)

I’m an accountant and have been working on a project to automate bookkeeping for freelancers and small businesses. Check it out! : EveryBalance.

It’s entirely built on bubble, again at the recommendation of @dev_gar, and it’s been incredible as a non-developer to be able to build a solution from complete scratch in such a short period of time. I’m also not a marketer so I’m looking forward to gleaning what I can from the wisdom here!


Hi John,

A couple of the images and videos on the landing page are not loading due to 401 unauthorised.

  • Income.png
  • home video


Wow thank you! Working on your end now?


Wow, so you are non-developers and at the same time hooking into bank account transactions?
How did you manage to do that? Is that something that bubble offers?

What types of customers/businesses are you targeting with your solution?