Hey! Michigander working to make small biz websites better

Hey bootstrapers– I’m Aaron.

I’m still working full time as a ‘marketing coordinator’ for a law firm. I’ve never been/wanted to be satisfied working for someone else and have taken a stab at building a company in the past.

On the side, I do web design and advertising for small businesses. I’m in the process of expanding with a new service that aims to simplify web design with WordPress for do it yourselfers.

Right now, I’m spending just about all my time trying to wrap things up so I can start testing the waters and improving the product. End of the month is my goal soft launch date.

Looking forward to getting to know people here, bounce some ideas around and help where I can.

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Welcome, Aaron! Good to have you here.

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Welcome! I’m a fellow Michigander (Grand Rapids area).