Hey, I'm Xavier!

Hey there!

I’m Xavier co-founder of Logology (a logo maker), based in the West Indies and bootstrapper for a year after being an engineer for +10y

Glad to be part of this community :slight_smile:


Welcome, Xavier.

The site for Logology looks very interesting. Awesome site design, too!

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Hey Steve,

Thanks for the feedback! I love the design as well, Lucie, our designer, did an amazoing job!

Hey @Xavier,
Welcome to Bootstrapped.fm.

I was checking out Logology to design a logo mark for my product, Hellonext, and here is my feedback about the experience:

Love the new onboarding style

I really love the onboarding style that you have. Got me hooked for sure.

One feedback I have in this screen below is the clarity. I wasn’t able to quickly grasp what you were asking, with the title. But it could be just me.

Using personal references to learn about the brand is brilliant. Especially loved this part, truly makes me think deep about the product on the whole.

I felt like the process was a little lengthy. Again, it could be just me who is feeling this way. I still have six more questions to finish, and I;'m surprised that my email was still not asked for. :wink:

Beautifully done UI here. Love the color choices. :slight_smile:

Excited to see what more comes out of this. Keep pushing mate :slight_smile: :muscle:


Hey @Karthik_K,

Thanks for the feedback, did you went all the through and see the logos? What are your feeling about them?
We just pushed an UI update of the logo proposals list, I’d be curious to have your feedback about it!

I suspect there are logo designers somewhere now that make a voodoo doll of you, Xavier. :expressionless:

I have tried the service, and it is great!


  1. I cannot figure out how to reset the whole process and start from scratch?
  2. I’d like to provide some keywords that the service could use to supply the most fitting icons. I.e. I like the style of some icons, but the (say) bird in it is not the right image. Preferred (say) an umbrella.
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Yeah, a bit. I think it would be more engaging if the icons were generated on every step, just got narrowed down as the “personality” data are coming in.

@rfctr Ahaha, do you see in our minds? All your points are in our roadmap :slight_smile:

  1. there is no way to restart the process from scrath for now, all you can do is play with the persona selector on the proposal list page. But, it’s gonna change in the coming weeks

  2. Yes, the ability to generate some logos based on keywords is our Graal. We can’t do it for now, all our logos are handmade, we need to grow our database before being able to provide such a service

  3. Yep, the questionnaire is too minimalist, we’re going to redesign it in the next few weeks

NB: We don’t want to kill the designers, it’s really not our mission. In contrary we’re trying to create something where both the customers and the designers are happy.
What’s killing the designers right now is all the services out there that sells crappy designs for a few bucks. It’s negative for everybody, the customers got an ugly logo, the designers is paid with peanuts and all the world get used to crappy designs. There is really something to fix here. That’s what we want to achieve :wink:

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However, there should be a way for a user to “escape” the computed boundaries and say “just show me the full list!”. Or at least, “… full list in this category.”

Also, since the space of icons is limited, how do you deal with possible duplicates? It would be awkward if two companies in the same space end up with the same image.

Sure thing my friend. I will find some time today and try it once more.

And as @rfctr said, it would be beautiful if we can get a preview of the logo as we progress in the on-boarding form.

Hum not sure about the “show me the full list”, we think that there is value into our recommendation process.

@Karthik_K We did update the list of proposal UX yesterday. Hope you liked it

Yeah, I see how it can devalue the service.

But reshuffle maybe? Once you get enough icons for various categories.

That;'s nice. Will check out @Xavier :slight_smile:

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